Fanikunniaviaraamme Ben Roimolan sisäinen peto / The Inner Beast of GoH Ben Roimola

Ben kiitti fanikunniaviaraaksi kutsumisestaan ja kertoi viihtyneensä hyvin. Me olimme vallan erinomaisen tyytyväiset häneen, ja iloisia että hän oli meille suostunut.

Ben lähetti meille Finnconin hänessä esiin tuoman pedon. Hän olikin vallan hurja veikko.

Our Fan Guest of Honour Ben Roimola sent us his inner beast that was awakened during Finncon. Well...she WAS quite a beast...

This is the story of the strange and mysterious meeting of Rosebud and Finncon connittee.


At the first sight lovely Rosebud was a quiet, nice and decent creature.
She had wonderful talks with Virpi Flyktman who was in charge of the board game event together with Markku Jaatinen...
..and she did not hesitate to get friendly with the wonderful Finncon staff, like our dear Samu...
...who was delighted, like Kari Perttula here, too.
However, occasionally she got wild and got into inappropriate places. I thought she just

wanted to talk about Marko Ahonen's latest book with him?

That's what we all thought. However,  after a while we learned also to take care of our drinks. I think Jussi Vainikainen was the first to notice the surprising bad habit of Rosebud.
Still, she IS well brought up, and thus was able to have excellent scientific conversations about, especiallyabout physics and artificial intelligence with Johanna Piilonen, master of science Friday.
Still, occasionally, Rosebud got very frendly, too friendly. I hope no-one shall tell Nico Holmberg's wife about this picture. He may not be able to take care of our dead dog party quisine anymore.
What surprised many was the way Rosebud liked also to discuss about the visual images of Finncon. Pekka Vesala told how we ended to the cow-theme. At that point Rosebud clearly had tears in her eyes.
Well, the official grandmother of Jyväskylä Science Fiction Society 42, Irma Hirsjärvi gave her a motherly hug. At this point Rosebud took a quick nap.
After that she got quite wild. She gave a lively lapdance to Paula Tulppo, who told her again and again, that no, there are no rooms available.
Frustrated Rosebud tried to jump over Tarmo Friman. Well, he knew how to catch people - being a gopher coordinator - and grabbed her before she climbed into a nearest beer can. 
Arto Lampila asked if he could loan Rosebud for his report to his tutor about a half a year slavery in Finncon, but we denied that.
I do not know what Anne Leinonen whispered to Rosebud, but as a programme coordinator she must have made a proposal she could not refuse.
You see, after that, she run away, leaving the rest of the connittee truly miss her.

For example Kati Mäki-Kuutti was on her way, still hosting the special guest of honour, and Sami Kähkönen was still at home counting the huge profits of Finncon. Along them also Senja Hirsjärvi, Eemeli, Saija, Papu and Lumi Aro as well as Terttu Ihalainen with many others hoped they shall see Rosebud some day.

Now everything goes really weird. The rest of these pictures were sent to us, and they seem to be taken  around Jyväskylä and its surroundings. This one, on the left, was taken in a pub called The Green Elf. This particulair elf seems to be quite swollen, but that is not surprise if we know he is a bartender. If we recall it right his name is Carl Cthulhu or something like that.

The bouncer of Dark Star restaurant, Al Ien, is widely known of his exceptional strength. This nasty guy likes to have pictures taken from the situations where he is throwing  too drunk customers out. Like in this picture.
Church Park is usually the meeting place of fringe people, where dragons are known to live. No further comments on this picture.
We know Rosebud left the planet at some point with an unknown gentleman..
...but this picture, taken in the night with a flashlight, possibly by the local journalist Anssi Koskinen, proves she came back, and that she has now chosen the fight against the crime as her way of life! Holy cow!
In this role her life has already become legandary with her very, very close friend Rubin Bull.
To the darkest paths her way has gone, cups filled with herbal tea and fruit juices. You shall see no fear in her large, moist eyes, whatever dangers she faces in the night.
Wild, wild Rosebud, we salute you!

Jyväskylä Science Fiction Society 42 and Finncon 2007 thanks cordially our Fun Guest of Honour Ben Roimola!!!

Rosebud's next adventure