The Inner Beast of Rosebud - The Åland Adventure



Well here we go again! This report has been written Cheryl Morgan in mind. It is expected that she shall be with us some day (some say not before 2012 for that is end of the world -year). I think we girls shall go then and dip ourselves into chocolate, visit a brewery and eat a lot. A lot. Some castles also are to be visited, and geothingies (geocaches??) with Otto and Paula. I hope Jussi and Irma and Niko and Touko and Hilppa and Semmi and Ilkka and Tomppa and Päivi and the rest of the good fandom people from Finland will all be there.

This is the scene from a harbour of Turku. I think. It was quit early in the morning. Carl is nowhere - he skipped this trip because of the birthday of his goddaughter Selma. She is gorgeous.

The harbour. These are satan worshippers.
This is me with my japanese armour in our hotel room, in Åland. I did anime and manga only in secrecy.
Hahaa! Every time we pirates shall approach Åland they try to hide their best beers. No change. Tapsa "The Merryman Blackie" knows where to find the British ones. They are in the fridge.
There was an excellent knitting school in Åland, just on the first floor of the hotel. Jukka Halme - who in one day will definitively be a guest of honour of some Baltic Eurocon or something - had a huge competition with Ben "Hur" Roimola. Of course Ben won. I am his inner beast.
Karoliina and Marianna Leikomaa are the "amazing sisters". I truly believe that they can do miracles. heh...perhaps some day they could even arrange Finncon-Animecon in Tampere.


I mean - that would fill even the Tampere Congress Centre.

Heh. Impossible idea.

Hmm..There was this very cute dude there, too. Pasi Välkkynen, meaning Basil Twinkle. I think. Very cute, indeed.

Some of the best doctors are from the magic woods of Espoo, where they have Gorilla-healers. Tapio Ranta-Aho gave me a massage and claimed that I had the most beautiful muscles in my back, but not so big as some of the guest of honours of Jyväskylä Finccon.

I did not understand.

He explained how people in Jyväskylä take the Finncon GOH's to sauna after the con, and afterwards give them a proper massage and heal the damages of the exhausting weekend. Hmm. Perhaps they could ask me there....

Ahhh..Paula. She is one of my oldest friends in fandom. If you ever need a beautiful, high quality photos of almost any kind, ask her. (And she knows where the geothingies are in Åland...).
I really did not agree with this panel. But I also cannot remember what it was about. However, there were (from left) My Outer Pet Ben Roimola, very funny foreigner Ian McDonald (I think he liked the event, it was good that he had travelled here with other Danish) and Ahrvid. And some other people.
This Dane was very peculiar, indeed. He not only claimed that he had written some books (I have never seen them) but also told jokes that were very very good. I think Denmark is a country I must visit some day.


Ehh...I think I have been there...? Must check.

It was very surprising to meet Glaugul and Dropper in the lobby. They were just leaving for the next ferry and asked if they could take these two humans with them as hosts. Immediately after that question the younger (Touko) grapped Glauguls nose and twisted it, and the elder (Niko) tried to do the same. I think I must hardly explain how soon Glaugul and Dropper withdraw their question. They are not very bright aliens...


...unlike Messus and Mrjöö, who had found proper host organisms immediately. JukkaHoo and Sari Polvinen were excellent hosts to them, as M & M assured. They enjoyed immensely their stay in Åland.Unlike Glaugul and Dropper.
People were usually quite pink. Not as I am. One excepion was: he was GORGEOUS!!!! IIILIA I LOVE YOU!
My favourite masquerade man had only done some genetic engineering this time. I liked that.
These three kids looked familiar. Hmm...I wonder....
And this is fabulous me.
An here we are looking at the geothingies with Otto and Paula and Niko and Tuomas. Oh yes they found them ALL!
Occasionally I got a bit tired. And happy. And emotional. And romantic.
Lady S has lost the third small person. Those two had obviously just dropped him into sea. I do not think he can swim very far with that armour, so they probably found him very soon.
Oh! Kiss kiss!
I looked inside and yes; there they sat all day and all night. More beer, I thought, for me.
And the we left. That was odd. It was over. I had a terrible angst; I felt lonely, sad and empty. Like there was a hole inside my chest.
So I filled it.


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